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About Me

photo Healy Ariel

About Me

Alvaro is a registered brand of creative explosion. The fingerprint of his work is passion. As a professional graphic designer, he combines his technical experimentation and knowledge with expressive nuances, and seeks to reflect the soul of the protagonist in his images, their essence and spirit.

It was in the bars of his native Ecuador that he became deeply involved with local musicians and the paraphernalia of show business. These relationships gave him a firsthand understanding of the enormous need to capture each of the expressions and emotions of those, who for a few minutes, pretended to be rock stars. There is nothing more valuable than to start from scratch and nothing more sincere than to start with your people.

A huge jump, a journey, a new adventure in 2008 “Rock al Parque”, one of the most important music festivals in Latin America, held in the beautiful Colombia, he went from amateur photographer to true artist and he has never looked back.

"Three songs no flash."
Every concert photographer knows these words. These minutes are very special, like no other. It's narrow and crowded, behind you there are the screaming fans, in front of you there is the artist doing poses and gestures you have to capture within a second. No second chance! The light is extreme: sometimes too much, frequently too little. The photographer trying to transfer the sound and style of this artist into one perfect image.
It's pure adrenaline!

Bio by Davo Narváez